Kangen Water® for Gardening


Did you know that Gardening with Kangen Water® is beneficial?

Kangen Water® system makes many pH levels of water. For instance, when we are making the drinking water pH 9.5, the “waste water” is 4.5. Acid loving plants, such as blueberries love this acidic water, it is similar to rain water! 

8.5pH use in hummingbird feeders. Mix 1 cup 8.5 with 1/4 cup sugar for the feeder.  You don’t have to boil the water, just stir in the sugar till it’s dissolved. Hummingbirds love it! 8.5 is also useful to water bees and butterflies.  Set out a shallow dish or pan with stones or marbles in it and add 8.5 water.

The Kangen Water® system produces hydrogen rich alkaline water full of antioxidants that help your gardening needs by reducing root rot, mildew and fungi! Alkaline Water has been shown to be helpful in watering houseplants too! Try watering your houseplants with 9.5 Alkaline Kangen Water® a couple of times a month and see how they respond! 

Many people have reported their houseplants responding very well to this regimen! Be sure and watch for any adverse effects on your particular plants though – all plants are different and may not all react well to alkaline water irrigation so use caution at first and then experiment until you find the perfect routine for your individual plants!  

Kangen Water® is produced by an amazing machine called the Kangen Water® machine which uses electrolysis to split the incoming tap water into two separate streams – one alkaline and one acidic – of energized waters! The Kangen Water® machine is available in several sizes to suit anyone’s needs – from small portable units perfect for apartments or small offices all the way up to larger units designed for commercial applications such as restaurants or farms! 

No matter what your gardening needs may be, Kangen Water® can probably help you achieve better results with less effort – so why not give it a try? Your garden will thank you for it! 

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